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Oct. 3rd, 2017 09:12 am
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kyouko kirigiri
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Oct. 2nd, 2016 09:14 am
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[ WELL THAT WAS FUN no it wasn't.

so, it's kyouko's turn to snag hiro's elbow and drag him off, probably, although she's as calm and careful about it as ever. ]

...They made a few mistakes.
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[ hi small child who is probably escaping the trial -

hopefully he is down to being dragged off near the jungle or something, since kyouko will be quietly insistent about that. ]

Hamada-kun, I need to speak with you. [ ... ] Now we know that partners do not have to be on the same side, as I hypothesized. Are you willing to keep secrets from yours?
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[ hopefully hiro has spoken to someone more comforting by this point lmfao rip in pieces...

but anyway, kyouko would have gone to grab him, if only to talk about the note. like, they can talk about other things, but. ]

...It seems like pretty much everything came true, although most of it seemed forced.
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[ presumably hiro simply comes to find kyouko at her cabin. following that, she'll agree to leave for a little while...seeing as how her partner is probably inside the place at that point. ]

...So, was there something in particular you wished to discuss? [ AFTER A FAIR SILENCE on her part as they walked because she sucks at small talk. so bad. ]
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[ so hey guess what if one of us dies so does the other. THAT'S FUN. ]

...Well, Doctor, it appears we're going to need to work together.
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